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Please send us an email with any issues, feture requests and general feedback to support@moblu-app.com


App is Crashing after updating from FroceMob


Please delete the app from your iPad and re-isnatll Moblu from app store.


What's 'moblu'?


'moblu' is an iPad app (native iOS App) powered by Force.com. It enables the mobile users manage Salesforce data like Events,Tasks,Accounts, Contacts, Leads,Opportunities, Cases,Campaigns,Events,Tasks,Attachmetns and any other custom objects using their iPad.


Is it same as ForceMob?


Yes and No. 'moblu' is an updated version (2.0) of ForceMob with some branding changes as well as a whole set of new productivity features!


What's new in 'moblu'?


-New Home Screen


-Adding Bookmarks/Favorites


-Show History of Objects worked on


-Support for multiple Lists on Objects


-Add Salesforce Attachments from other apps like Dropbox,GoodReader, PDF Expert,Box.net and Mail etc.


-Open Salesforce Attachments from Moblu into other apps like Dropbox,GoodReader,PDF Expert,Box.net and Pages etc.


-EMail Salesforce Attachments.


-Address book integration with to and from Salesforce Contacts.


-Add Salesforce Events and Tasks as iPad Calendar Items.


-New  Quick Creates on the Home Screen for Picture Attachments, Check-Ins, Events, Tasks ,Email and Chatter.


Who can use 'moblu'?


Any Salesforce.com user with an iPad,iPad2 or the new iPad running iOS 5.0 or later.



What editions of Salesforce.com does 'moblu' support?


All editions including Contact Manager,Group,Professional,Enterprise, Unlimited and Developer.



How does 'moblu' enforce security?


'moblu' uses oAuth a security protocol that Salesforce.com recommends and it needs the Salesforce.com credentials to access the application. 'moblu' enforces authorization using Salesforce.com's security roles.



Does 'moblu' store any data off-line on the device?


No. All the Salesforce.com data is accessed real time/on-line using REST API. 'moblu' does not store any off-line data on the ipad.



What are the advantages of using 'moblu'?


'moblu' is a native iOS application with very rich and productive UI compared to the web application thus enabling mobile users access and manage Salesforce.com data more efficiently.



How does 'moblu' leverage iPad?


Rich UI components, Easier Navigation, In-built Email, Voice Memos, Calendar, Camera/Picture Attachments, Google Maps, Skype calling etc.



Does 'moblu' support customizations done to Salesforce.com?


Yes. 'moblu' dynamically detects the custom fields and objects configured on your org and enables you access and manage the data associated to them.



Does 'moblu' support Chatter?


Yes. 'moblu' has built-in integration into Chatter using the API. On any Object Overview or Detail screen, click on the chatter icon on toolbar on top right and It shows the chatter feed for the object and it also let you add new feed posts and comments.



Does 'moblu' support editing of the data?


Yes. 'moblu' supports Search, Add, Update and Delete operations on all Salesfoce.com objects that the user has access to based on his/her privileges.



How do I edit an Opportunity?


Select Opportunities tab at the bottom-->Get a List of Opportunities -->Select the Opportunity-->Tap the Opportunity Name on the OverView screen to go to the Detail-->Click th e'Pencil' icon on top right. Similar navigation applies to all other objects.



How does 'moblu''s navigation works?


'moblu' uses Tab Navigator (at the bottom) to navigate thru different objects. It follows the List-->Overview-->Detail-->Edit pattern



What's the 'Other Objects' tab at the bottom?


Other Objects tab shows Objects other than the standard Account, Contact, Lead, Opportunity and Case objects including any Custom Objects that are configured for your org.



Where are Campaigns?


They are under 'Other Objects'.



How do I navigate thru the relationships of an Account object?


Select Accounts tab at the bottom-->Get a List of Accounts -->Select an Account. There it shows the related opportunities, Contacts, Cases etc. Similar navigation applies to all other objects.



How do I navigate thru the relationships of a custom object?


Select Other Objects tab at the bottom-->Select your custom object type-->Get a List of Objects -->Select an Object. There it shows the parent and child relationships



How do I add a picture or a voice memo as an attachment to one of my contacts?


You can do that on the Home tab by clicking the '+' on top right or on the Contacts tab at the bottom-->Get a List of Contacts -->Select a Contact-->Select Attachments and click the '+' on top right. Similar navigation applies to all other objects.



Does 'moblu' supports session expiration by Salesforce.com


Yes. When the session expires, 'moblu' will ask you to login again and continues from where ever you are in the app.



How do I switch to a different user login?


Terminate and re-launch 'moblu' app.



How do I login to my Salesforce Sandbox?


Go to iPad Settings and select 'moblu' and change the Sandbox switch. Terminate and re-launch 'moblu' app.



How do I make sure that my Salesforce Events and Tasks are also created on iPad Calendar?


Go to iPad Settings and select 'moblu' and make sure that the 'Auto Create Calendar Tasks/Events' flags are turned on



Why Do I get 'Salesforce Data Access Error' while using the app?


The error indicates that the objects/fields that you are trying to access are either disabled or your security profile doesn't let you perform the operation.






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Moblu enables the Salesforce users access and manage Events,Tasks, Notes, Attachments, Accounts,Contacts, Leads,Opportunities, Cases, Campaigns and any other custom objects using their iPad.

Moblu integrates well with iPad Calendar, Address Book, Camera, Photo Library, Mail,Maps,Skype and other iPad apps like Dropbox, GoodReader, PDFExpert, Box and Pages.

Key Features:-

  • Search, Update, Add and Delete data for all Salesforce objects
  • ✓ Supports Custom Fields and Objects configured on Salesforce
  • ✓ Easier navigation thru the relationships between different objects
  • ✓ Events Calendar and Task Management
  • ✓ Add Notes and Attachments to Salesforce Objects
  • ✓ Integration with Maps, Email, Skype and Chatter
  • ✓ Attach Voice Notes and Photos to Salesforce objects
  • ✓ Manage Bookmarks/Favorites
  • ✓ View History of Objects worked on
  • ✓ Support for multiple Lists on Objects
  • ✓ Add Salesforce Attachments from Dropbox,GoodReader, PDF Expert,Box and Mail
  • ✓ Download Salesforce Attachments to Dropbox,GoodReader,PDF Expert,Box and Pages
  • ✓ Email Salesforce Attachments
  • ✓ iPad AddressBook integration into/from Salesforce Contacts
  • ✓ Add Salesforce Events and Tasks as iPad Calendar Items
  • ✓ Add Pictures,Voice Memos,Check-Ins, Events, Tasks and Email from Home screen
  • Moblu works with all editions of Salesforce including Contact Manager, Group, Professional, Enterprise and Unlimited